Personal Makeup Application Course

Course duration :8 hours

Course fee:$650

One to one lesson

Full hands on training

This course is designed to for you if your answer to even any one of these questions is “Yes”

1.I want to start applying makeup don’t know anything about makeup.

2.I have watched numerous you tube videos but when I do the same on myself,nothing seems to be right

3.I have tonnes of makeup already purchased on other people recommendations but don’t know how and where to use.

This course is designed to teach you all the necessary information needed so that you can beautify yourself for any daytime or evening look.

This course covers the following key areas:

Its personalized only for your face shape,skin tone and your personal style and will lay emphasis on

1.Correct application of foundation,counter,highlight,eye makeup looks just for your facial features. Daytime look and evening look.

Plus we will help you rebuild your kit and help you with all questions you have about all your existing products in your kit.At the end of this course you will be a confident makeup artist for your own self .

Professional makeup Artist Course

Duration:15 hours

Fee :$1000 (require minimum 2 people)

One to one session/pvt lesson $1500

Generally lessons are once a week for 3 hours duration.Can be done twice a week (can be mutually decided)

This course is designed for all the aspiring artists who wish to pursue their career in the ever growing beauty Industry.

This course is full hands on training which helps you master the skills as a professional Makeup Artist in a very short span.

This is what is taught in this course:

1. Basics of all aspects are taught in minute details including base foundation .

2. detailing of contour and highlighting and its importance

3. Color correction

4. Identifying skin tones.

5. Correct application using different tools.

6. Concealers and their usage.

7. All about false eyelashes.

8. Different lashes for different eye looks.

9. Full glam eye makeup looks…

10. Creating day time look and evening look

High Fashion to High defination Bridal looks will be covered in detail…………

All aspects of fashion industry are covered in detail which helps you gain the confidence of creating any given look.

Important information regarding the course

1.its full hands on training.

2.basics and logics are descriptive which helps you master the skill in a short span ……

2You will be required to bring your own model if its a private lesson.

3.All the necessary material is provided in the class .

4.I will help you with all the questions you have about building your own kit in the most cost effective way.

You can bring your own kit in the last class where you will have to demonstrate your learning on a live model. Certification is granted upon completion.

The most important aspect is that we help you with your first step in building your portfolio.

We will have a photoshoot of the model dolled up by you and will provide you with high resolution pictures for starting /building up your social media account…