Hairstyling Course


Duration : 5 Hrs

Any 2 weekdays (can be mutually decided)

Course Fee $500

Minimum two students required to join .

One on one session /Private lesson:$850

This course is designed for those aspiring hairstylists who carry some basic knowledge about hairstyling but missing accuracy and surviving on hit and trial methods.

I will teach you all the necessary skills to achieve any given basic hairstyle/updo .Its a 5 hrs course with intense hands on learning.

Logics, basics will be explained in depth which in turn will lead to 100 percent confidence in achieving any given basic hairstyle.

At the end of this session,you will be able to copy any given basic updo with accuracy. Its mainly for learning updos.

2. Long term Hair styling Course:

Duration : 15 hours

2 hours duration each weekday

2 weekdays in a week which can be mutually decided.

Course Fee: $1000

This session works for a group of 2-4 people.

One to one session (Private class) $1500

This course is designed for all those aspiring hairstylists who wish to start their career into hairstyling industry and don’t know where to start.

All aspects of hairstyling industry will be taught.

• All of the above are covered.

Important Information regarding lessons:

Theoretical training goes simultaneously with more emphasis on full hands on training.

End of the course,certification will be granted.

For all the above courses ,you will require human hair Mannequin.Its available in our academy at an additional cost.You are welcome to bring your own.

A kit consisting of 18” long Human hair ,all necessary material is combined in the kit .

Kit price : $150

You will be given a list of hairstyling tools needed for your sessions .

Its highly recommended that each student uses their own tools as it helps gain practice as well as brings fluency in working. All the necessary material required for class is provided for use within the class .