1. What’s services do you provide?

I provide professional Hairstyling and Makeup services for weddings, engagement parties, Prom and all sorts of party /special events. I also provide aesthetic services but that’s in studio only.

2.Is bridal trial recommended or necessary? What is the use for it?

Bridal trial is not necessary but absolutely optional. It is recommended for brides who might have 2-3 different favourite looks in their mind and deciding factor has becomes difficult. It is also recommended for brides who wish to experiment something different from their comfort zone. Bridal trial helps and acts as a preview and helps you select the most flattering look for your big day.

3. Can I bring any image and can you replicate the look for me?

I highly encourage inspiration images from all my clients, bridal and non-bridal. It makes me understand your likes and makes my work much easier as I love to work on the same wavelength of my clients. But here is something really important to understand. There are tonnes of inspiration images available on social media these days which are shortlisted by the clients who want the same. We can for sure replicate the same styling for you, but It is very

important to understand that EVEN THOUGH we replicate the same style, it might look different on each person as each hair-type, forehead shape etc. Moreover if you have dark Asian hair with few or no highlights, It is very important to be realistic. For example, details of hairstyling done on light/Caucasian or highlighted hair show up much clearly as compared to dark hair tones. Most South-Asian brides bring me inspiration hair of light hair brides .

4. Will we get time to discuss the final look we desire for the special day?

Once the occasion date is blocked with us, we’ll be having a small chat session to pre-decide every aspect of the final look. We have wide variety of hairstyles and makeup options to suit variety of customers.

5. How do I book your services?

For all Bridal services, or non-bridal services of 5 or more, please follow the following:

Send an email to avondeepika@hotmail specifying

1. Event date(s)

2. Number of people needing service

3. Start time and absolute ready time for all

4. Location

If your desired date is available, I will send you a contract form with details. A deposit will be required to block that date and the appointment with me. In case you have questions, I would gladly answer them. I do welcome phone calls as well.

6. Why Mobile studio fees?

Although it is not clearly visible/evident to a client but there is lot of work involved behind bringing my entire studio to you. Sometimes they wish to bargain on that and don’t feel it is important to pay for it.

It is a very important factor of my pricing and needs little understanding of the whole concept. Bringing my studio to you involves lot of my time. Some of the basic things are as follows:

a) The time and inconvenience attached in packing and unpacking (range of makeup items, hairstyling tools,

extension cords etc), my studio at different location.

b) Adjusting/Working in the space /location allotted by clients.

c) Arranging/bringing appropriate lighting (ex: ring light, which requires dismantling for travel) for flawless results.

For all my in-studio appointments, things are easier for me as I have my own setup of lighting, makeup kit is already organized, all necessary hairstyling tools all plugged conveniently and of course working space.

7. What if I want only light Makeup? Is the price less for that?

Not everyone likes high glam makeup look. The amount of time involved in doing “Light makeup “ still remains the same from

the perspective of a makeup artist. Only the color pallets /selection used for it probably differ but basic techniques/time involved to achieve “light makeup”, the professional look still remains the same. Hence Price does not change.

8. What makeup products do you use?

I use combination of professional products. Some of the absolute favourites in my kit are:


Anastasia BEVERLY Hills

Urban Decay





Huda beauty

9. All Answers regarding Hair Extensions

Hair extensions are required if your own hair are not enough to create a particular hairstyle chosen by you. All the voluminous ,specially open hair styles shown on social media like Instagram ,Pinterest, etc have hair extensions used. I can answer your question “Do I do need them ?’(for the desired hairstyle chosen by you) only after meeting you in person. You can bring your own which i will install for you at an extra cost or I do carry a variety for you to buy ,if you wish to consider.

10. How much time is required to achieve the final look?

South Asian weddings require minimum of 3.5 – 5 hours (including veil, dupatta, jewellery-setting etc). Catholic/Christian/Caucasian weddings minimum of 3 hours.